Broughton village improvements

One of the conditions of planning permission for the Broughton Bypass was to make improvements in Broughton along the A6 to reflect the reduction in traffic levels and encourage through-traffic to use the bypass rather than go through the village.

The plans include the removal of traffic signals at Broughton crossroads, along with the creation of narrower roads, larger footways, courtesy crossings, sections of dedicated cycle lane, and tree planting.

This improvement work will be possible due to an estimated reduction in traffic through Broughton of up to 90% now the bypass is open. 

Now that the new road has opened, work can begin on the improvements along the A6 through Broughton village.

New 20mph speed limit

The changes will also see a 20mph speed limit through the village and introduce weight limits along Garstang Road between the junctions with the bypass.

The 20mph signs are being put up along Garstang Road through the centre of Broughton village, as planned following the opening of the new road. The aim is to reduce the speed of vehicles through the village and encourage people to use James Towers Way.


The county council carried out an initial consultation in March 2015 to seek the views of the residents of Broughton on proposals for the village and particularly along the A6 Garstang Road once the bypass has been opened to traffic.

A follow up event was then held in December 2015 to reveal the updated plans, and artists' impression of the proposed improvements. Consultation on the updated plans and proposals finished on 1 February 2016.


You can view the information boards from the event, the updated plans and visualisations for the village below.


Use the slider on the images below to see the before and after visualisations.

Broughton village square

1A 1B

A6 Garstang road, Broughton war memorial

2A 2B

A6 Garstang road, northern gateway

3A 3B

Southbound view of Broughton crossroads

4A 4B

Whittingham lane view of crossroads

5A 5B

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