Preston Western Distributor and East-West Link Road

What is happening and why?

Plans have been approved for a major new road - the Preston Western Distributor - linking Preston and southern Fylde to the M55 motorway. The application by the county council also includes two new roads connecting to new and existing housing areas of North West Preston and Cottam.

These new roads will help to promote new housing and business development in the area, while increasing capacity on the existing local road network. The East-West Link Road and Cottam Link Road will provide convenient access for local and through traffic to use the PWD, avoiding already congested local routes.


View the fly through of the route for the Preston Western Distributor.

What are the benefits?

This road will improve access to the Warton site of the Lancashire Enterprise Zone, the Springfields nuclear fuel facility at Salwick and enable the comprehensive development of the North West Preston strategic housing location which will accommodate over 4,000 new homes. It will also provide an option to avoid peak hour congestion in the city centre.

When and where is this happening?

The plans were agreed on Wednesday 4 October, by Lancashire County Council's Development Control Committee.

In February 2018, Lancashire County Council's Cabinet agreed to the necessary steps to assemble the land needed to deliver this major road scheme.

The county council will now make and advertise side roads and compulsory purchase orders for land and rights, as well as changes to the existing highway network and two bridge schemes, as the new road will cross the Lancaster Canal and the Millennium Ribble Link. Work on the new roads will start as soon as the land has been acquired.

No houses are taken or will need to be demolished for the scheme, with three gardens affected and a single business which requires the agreed relocation of some buildings. The vast majority of the land affected is farm land or used for equestrian purposes.

The final budget and the construction schedule also need to be confirmed.

Preston Western Distributor

  • 2.5 mile long dual carriageway, national speed limit (70mph), with an off highway shared cycleway and footway.
  • New junction at A583/A5085 Blackpool Road/Riversway (which would allow for a future road link across the River Ribble).
  • A new roundabout junction to link to Cottam Way and a new Cottam Parkway rail station.
  • A second new roundabout serving the North West Preston development area and the junction of Lea Lane and Sidgreaves Lane.
  • Bridged by Bartle Lane and connects to the motorway network with a new Junction 2 on the M55 with minimal disturbance to the Bartle Wetland Biological Heritage Site.
East-West Link Road
  • 2 mile long single carriageway, varying speed limit between 20-40mph with a shared use cycleway and footway.
  • New traffic signal controlled junction on Lightfoot Lane approximately 400 metres west of the Wychnor junction.
  • Forms a junction with Tabley Lane which avoids all residential properties.
  • Creates a new junction on Sandy Lane which it crosses.
  • Joins the new roundabout on Preston Western Distributor at the junction of Lea Lane and Sidgreaves Lane.
Cottam Link Road
  • Forms a short section, 0.4 mile long single carriageway linking Preston Western Distributor and Cottam Way.
  • Provides access to the possible location for a new Cottam Parkway rail station.
  • Avoids the loss of existing properties and removes passing traffic from the junction, and immediate vicinity, of Sidgreaves Lane and Lea Lane at Lea Endowed CE Primary School.

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