Superfast Lancashire

Superfast Lancashire is connecting the county’s dynamic businesses to global markets, where speed is the game-changer and geographical location is less and less relevant.

High speed internet really boosts productivity. It means the county’s businesses can work faster, smarter – and more profitably. 

Having faster upload and download speeds also reduces the need for smaller businesses to travel – saving time, money and carbon emissions.

The Superfast Lancashire programme means 675,000, or 97% of addresses across the county will be able to get a superfast connection by the end of 2015.

That’s a higher percentage and a faster delivery date than just about anywhere else in the UK.

Superfast broadband enables businesses to make their marketing digital, with the ability to reach customers through new, faster and easier-to-track social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Free advice

Superfast Lancashire will develop a tailored programme – free of charge – covering a range of topics to help your SME business harness the full potential of high speed fibre broadband. 

Lancashire’s councils made the programme happen by tapping into Broadband Delivery UK and the European Regional Development Fund, to deliver superfast broadband in partnership with BT.

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