Research and development

Lancashire has a long tradition of innovation and enterprise. It goes right back to the industrial revolution, but is always forward looking.

We’re genetically programmed to collaborate and cooperate in order to innovate. We bring together industry bodies, businesses and academic institutions to research fresh processes and develop new products.

Spirit of enterprise powers R&D excellence

Our world-class universities continue to produce a diverse range of knowledge transfer programmes, scientific and technological research facilities, and knowledge-led spin-out businesses.

This happens in tandem with our leading business schools working closely and eagerly with the local business community to improve management processes and operational systems.

All our businesses have easy access to world class research facilities

It is not by accident that internationally recognised centres of excellence have evolved around numerous Lancashire sectors, from aerospace, automotive design and environmental technologies, to advanced engineering, cyber security and quantum and chemical innovation.

At the LEP we work unstintingly to ensure existing and newly-located companies are fully engaged with our world-beating R&D offer.